The 15th International Conference on
<br>RANDOM STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS, Atlanta, May 24-28, 2011
Directions from Woodruff Residential Center to Mathematics and Science Center (MSC)

This is the easiest route to navigate from the Woodruff Residential Center to the Mathematics and Science Center (MSC), which will be the Main Conference Office. White Hall, where the talks will be held, is located directly in front of MSC on Dowman Dr.
Please see the attached map for route clarification.

  1. Using the crosswalk at the corner of Gatewood Rd and Clifton Rd, cross to the opposite side of the street.
  2. Follow Clifton Rd south toward Asbury Circle.
  3. Make a right at the stop light onto Asbury Circle.
  4. Make a left at the first stop sign onto Means Dr.
  5. After passing a shuttle stop with covered seating, make a right at the stop sign and follow the brick walkway.
  6. Follow the brick walkway to the circle in the road, then continue on to Dickey Dr., passing the Anthropology Building (1557).
  7. Continue down Dickey Dr. where you will pass the track and field on the right (where the Random Run will be held on Thursday), Candler School of Theology and Cherry Logan Emerson Hall on the left.
  8. Make a left at the stairwell in between the Psychology Building and the Sanford Atwood Chemistry Center.
  9. Continue up the 2nd flight of stairs and cross the road where you will see the entrance to the Mathematics and Science Center. Enter through the glass doors.